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Beyond the y2k and the average engineer?

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I think the Y2K is at least 95% hype that some people will turn into income.
It will make politicians appear to be heroes because they spent money on it
and as a consequence nothing really bad happened.  The Russians asked us for
a few billion to asisst with their Y2K problem to ensure they didn't
inadvertently fire any ICBM's our way.   The biggest  problems will probably
come from people reacting with runs on the bank,  hoarding food and
gasoline, etc.   In a freshman history class taught by the Jesuits long ago,
the instructor told of Y1K when people in Europe stopped everything and went
to the mountain tops to await Armageddon, salvation, or whatever, then
returned sheepishly home a few days later.

I believe that the biggest computer problem will continue to be the
instability of Windows  98.   Has anyone heard of the September 9, 1999
problem.  Remember the old programs where:  "If N$= "9999" then Stop"  was
common.   A lot of those subroutines might be buried in our present code.

No reply necessary.  I'm busy preparing for Y3K.

P. Quinn (real name)
Henderson, Nevada