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Re: Robot 97

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jk wrote:
Dear Sirs,

On March 3rd, Mr. Sleiman Serhal and Mr. Damir raised the following issues
with regards to the structural analysis and design software ROBOT 97:
1. Manuals are not available, "the software is documentation free"
2. Problems with the network version of ROBOT 97
3. Lack of a reply to one e-mail question.

We certainly would like to give you answer to all the points:

1) Manuals and documentation

ROBOT 97 is a software created very recently and specifically for Windows
NT/95. Our team of 25 engineers has been developing it for the last three
years starting from scratch using ANSI C and C++ standards. During that time
we have worked on the entire user's documentation; however, its final
version could only appear when the program was close to its completion. In
other words, we had to follow the program development team in order to
include all the available facilities and their most updated appearance.

Currently we provide our customers with:

* User's Manual (227 pages)
* Reference Manual (522 pages)
* Verification Manual (57 pages)

After I posted the referenced email on this list, the local Robot dealer called me up and told me that a manual of about 800 pages will be ready in a couple of days.
He did not deny having told me what I reported in my email but he blamed it on the guys in France who presumably told him that. Now in all fairness to the local agent I should say that he always mentioned the fact that we could go to his office and ask all the questions we need to. But as you all know, this cannot replace a comprehensive manual.
3) Email reply

We are sorry not to have replied to Mr. Sleiman Serhal, but, after double
checking in our system, we are afraid we have not received any e-mail from

I did in fact send an email that was left unanswered, but I can understand that since I'm sure u must receive 1000's of emails and answering them all must be difficult, especially that my question should have been answered by the local Robot dealer.
If you check your system for my "mony(--nospam--at)" email address you'll probably find it.

In conclusion I can say the following:

1. I have no interest whatsoever in putting down Robot 97, on the contrary, since I bought the software and I'll be using it for at least a couple of years, I'm due to be objective in my comments.

2. The manual issue has been now resolved and that's what counts for me, I'm neither interested in holding a grudge against our local dealer nor post untrue statements to this list.

3. Discussion groups such as this one make us all accountable to what we write and "sell," (even accross the US borders) and this is good for all of us, and I think that the "Earl Conroy" mishap shall not make us suspicious of each others intentions.

Moni (Sleiman) Serhal
MSCE UT Austin
Practicing in Lebanon, Middle East