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RE: Y2K and the average engineer?

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>I can only answer one of your questions, but I can state emphatically that
>any Macintosh computer is not affected by the year 2000 issue.
Not entirely true. Any software that dosn't use the toolbox date and time 
routines could have trouble. There isn't much reason _not_ to use the 
system routines, but you never can tell with programmers. I've seen a few 
ports from other systems that ugly enough that they might have used 
roll-your-own date math. A bug in Claris e-mailer (now unsupported) makes 
it display munged dates in 1999, but it's not a y2k problem, and the 
headers are correct. 

Just the same we Macheads, in aggregate, will have fewer problems than 
the FAA and we'll spend less money than your average branch bank fixing 

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