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RE: Stamped originals

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Take a copy (print) of the version you sign, seal and date.  Any subsequent
changes to the originals that the owner fails to record as "revisions" won't
be on your print and you cannot be held responsible for them.  

If an Owner changes the sealed original without notifying you and seeking
your approval or having the revisions sealed by another engineer who then
takes responsibility for the revisions, then the Owner is effectively
committing fraud if submitting the drawings for permits.

The "seal the original but then sign each print in red ink" idea strikes me
as being way too much work.  Just keep a record of what you actually sealed
and that's enough to protect you.  Protection of the public from that point
on is the Owner's duty. 

Paul Meyer

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> Does anyone out there know what the California law is governing stamping 
> and signing original vellums.  I am under the impression that they could 
> not be of any use to the owner in obtaining any permits unless also wet 
> signed.  The vellum is revisable without the knowledge of the PE who
> signed 
> them.  What is the exposure for the engineer of record and how does he 
> protect himself?  This owner is a water district.  Are some owners 
> (government) considered to have such high integrity as to not change the 
> originals?  I know I have seen prints of road drawings owned by government
> agencies where it is obvious that the original was signed and stamped.
> Thanks,
> Bob Hanson