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Concrete Flat Slab Hole

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I have been asked to analyze a flat slab with drop panels for a client.  The
flat slab was designed in 1955 and is a typical two way slab with column
strips and middle strips.  The client wants to cut a hole in the slab for an
elevator, as close to one of the columns as possible.  This will require
loosing about 1/2 of a column strip.  I do not have much experience with flat
slab two way construction.  I want some guidance form some of the experienced
engineers what I should research, study, look for, brush up on, etc. as I
begin to tackle this problem.

The elevator shaft can be constructed from CMU block and be load bearing so I
can put the load from the cut column strip into the shaft.  I assume this
will help the shear problem since it will not add shear to any other area
around the column.  I still want to stay a reasonable distance from the
column.  I know I need to check bending since what was a continuous span will
now have a simple support at on end.

Any helpful insight would be greatly appreciated.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

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