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Re: OES Volunteer

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I am assuming you are a member of SEAOC.  You need to contact your section
to find out when they will be having another training session.  For your
information, the criteria for being a "volunteer" has not changed, however,
a new training program is being developed.  There is consideration being
given to making it a "long distance" learning program (i.e., over the
internet).  Another thought has been to provide the program on CD to
companies and have them training their staff.  The difficulty in both of
these approaches is the actual registration as a Disaster Service Worker.

In relation to your comment regarding "...charging us volunteers for the
right to give up our time and volunteer," understand that there are costs
to the organizations for putting on the program.  The programs are very
inexpensive compared to a seminar.  For as long as I was involved in the
program for OES all organizations were encouraged to keep costs for the
programs low.  However, they do have expenses and you will either pay for
it at the time, or through higher dues.  Just think of all the good
feelings you get from helping people who need your assistance at a time
when they don't know which way to turn.  Those good feelings have to be
worth something.

Rick Ranous