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ASTM A992 Questions

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     I just reviewed a recently released copy of ASTM A992, "Standard 
     Specification for Steel for Structural Shapes For Use in Building 
     Framing".  This is the new ASTM that consolidates AISC Technical 
     Bulletin 3 for ASTM A572 Grade 50.  No big changes from Bulletin 3 but 
     I have the following two questions:
     1.  The chemical and basic tensile strength requirements are mandatory 
     however the testing requirements are listed as "supplemental" and 
     section 1.2 specifically states "Such requirements apply only when 
     specified in the purchase order".  My question is, which of the 8 
     supplemental tests should we be calling out as a minimum?  The 8 tests 
     are Vacuum Treatment, Product Analysis, Charpy V-Notch Impact Test, 
     Ultrasonic Examination, Bend Test, Maximum Tensile Strength, Fine 
     Austenitic Grain Size, and Charpy V-Notch Impact for Groups 4 and 5.
     2.  Should ASTM A992 and the testing from question 1 be used only for 
     welded moment frames or should it also apply to eccentric and/or 
     special concentric braced frames?  I am assuming a project in Southern 
     California or other high seismic zones.
     Thomas Hunt, S.E.
     Fluor Daniel