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Re: short anchor bolts. Reply.

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You may want to check your shear parallel to the grain with a reduced section,
since the main reason for the 3x requirement is to prevent the sill plate from
splitting when plywood nailing is closer than 3" etc. If the sill plate is
adequate to transfer the shear with a 1-1/2" thickness, then have the
contractor notch the square plate washer area only and keep the full 3x in
between. In most situations, this will work, unless you have a very high shear
with heavy anchor bolts and reduced spacing.

Another simple solution, short of drilled anchors, will be to install a heavy
gage metal "C" channel or runner with pre-drilled holes for the anchor bolts
and place the 3x inside the runner and attach with the same procedure as
above. In addition, you need to transfer the shear to the runner through nails
or wood screws in pre-drilled holes.

I hope this helps.


Oshin Tosounian, S.E.