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Re: ASTM A992 questions

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>Which of the <ASTM A992> supplemental tests should we
>be calling out as a minimum?

ASTM A992 is the same material you've been getting (on average) for 
wide-flange shapes for years now when you specified ASTM A36 or A572 grade 
50. With that in mind, your practices regarding the specification of the 
supplemental testing requirements should not change. As one example, 
requirements for CVN testing are given in the AISC Specification for 
Structural Steel Buildings and AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel 
Buildings. These requirements apply to ASTM A992 W-shapes just as they did 
to ASTM A36 and A572 grade 50 W-shapes.

>Should ASTM A992 and the testing from question 1 be used only for
>welded moment frames or should it also apply to eccentric and/or
>special concentric braced frames?

I recommend that you specify ASTM A992 as the default grade of steel for 
W-shapes in all applications (wind, low-seismic, and high-seismic in all 
systems involving W-shapes). For a more elaborate discussion of this please 
see my article "Are You Properly Specifying Materials; Part 1: Structural 
Shapes" (part 1 of a three-part series) in the January  1999 issue of 
Modern Steel Construction magazine. You can also view this online at

Hope this helps.