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SEMINAR - Need for Repair Codes

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On April 7, 1999 SEAOSC is having a very interesting dinner meeting presentation by Hassan A.  Sassi, Ph.D., PE and Richard A. Ranous, SE. The topic of the presentation is: "The need for Repair Codes?"  Attached is the abstract for the presentation. To register via our on-line registration, go to:

See you there!

Shafat Qazi, P.E.
Internet Admin
Title: The Need for Repair Codes

The Need for Repair Codes


Hassan A. Sassi, Ph.D., PE

Richard A. Ranous, SE


The lack of a clear understanding of the building codes in its application to the repair of damaged buildings lead the authors of this paper to propose an outline of a repair code that may minimize the conflict among engineers, building officials emergency response agencies and insurance companies.

The purpose of the proposed repair code is to mitigate the effects of future earthquakes on buildings by providing minimum standards for the repair of damaged buildings intended to safeguard life or limb, health, property and public welfare, and by regulating and controlling the design, construction, and quality of materials used in the repair of earthquake damaged buildings.

The provisions in the proposed repair code apply to the repair of many buildings which are regulated by the building code and may be damaged by the occurrence of an earthquake. It is also intended to promote public safety and welfare by establishing minimum standards required to restore damaged buildings and sites to a reasonable level of expected performance and to determine the level of repair required to meet that level of performance.

The provisions proposed include the type of evaluation that may be applied to buildings and sites, which may suffer damage, by an earthquake. An established criterion is introduced to determine the pre-event and post-event "capacity" of the lateral force-resisting-system in accordance with the current edition of the building code. The provisions address the level of repair required by the relative percentage loss that may be determined by analysis and/or testing of the damaged element or the structural system.

It is hoped that the proposed repair code will be adopted as a code change to the California Building Code with the spirit that it will help all concerned parties to use it to minimize earthquake damage and benefit the society at large.