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Re: Crane Design; SE v. ME

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All who deal with cranes in their buildings, please read and reread the
comments below.  Finding an engineer who is experienced with both
buildings and cranes is the key to achieving seismic safety.  I would
guess that a crane-wizened SE would have some advantage over most ME's
(but not necessarily).  It is the interface that is the primary problem.

Russ Nester

>I think the distinction between SE and ME in this case is nowhere near 
>relevant as experience with crane systems and the sorts of loads which 
>are supposed to be carried and criteria for supporting the loads. This 
>kind of interfacing should be set forth at the very beginning and not 
>just trotted out the day before the plans get approved. If the owner 
>needs to have his crane stay operational during an earthquake, it's no 
>good if the building designer sizes things so they just hang together 
>long enough for everyone to get outside.

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