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Re: Ice Force on Steel Water Storage Tanks

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In a message dated 3/9/99 3:24:21 PM Pacific Standard Time,
PMeyer(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Basically, you need to be able to resist 100% of the expansion force of the
 ice.  This means you have to break the ice in compression.  Compressive
 strength of ice is about 375 kPa (54 psi) just at freezing temp, and up to
 1500 kPa (217 psi) at very cold temperatures.   >>

I have no tank experience but will offer the following.  I assume that you
cannot pour the water in the tank so that is a gap between the water and the
wall!  However, could you line the tank with a 2" - 3" (or whatever it needs
to be) compressible material that is strong enough to resist the water
pressure, but flexible enough to compress under the ice pressure?  Just a

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.