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Re: Ice Force on Steel Water Storage Tanks

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That's an interesting idea.  Maybe an O-ring filled with anti-freeze.


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Date: Wednesday, March 10, 1999 9:19 AM
Subject: Re: Ice Force on Steel Water Storage Tanks

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><< Basically, you need to be able to resist 100% of the expansion force of
> ice.  This means you have to break the ice in compression.  Compressive
> strength of ice is about 375 kPa (54 psi) just at freezing temp, and up to
> 1500 kPa (217 psi) at very cold temperatures.   >>
>I have no tank experience but will offer the following.  I assume that you
>cannot pour the water in the tank so that is a gap between the water and
>wall!  However, could you line the tank with a 2" - 3" (or whatever it
>to be) compressible material that is strong enough to resist the water
>pressure, but flexible enough to compress under the ice pressure?  Just a
>Bruce Resnick, SE
>Parker Resnick Str. Eng.