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RE: Crane Design; SE v. ME

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My 3 cents worth (that's about 2 cents US)
The traditional approach has been that its a machine from the wheels up and
a structure from the wheels down.  Thus the rails and runway are SE, moving
bits ME.

However, the skill set required to design the bridge and end trucks is more
likely to be found in someone who does steel structural design on a regular
basis, rather than our mechanical engineering friends who tend to pick
things out of catalogs.  As such, I (an SE) have done a lot of bridge and
end truck design while the ME picks out the wheels, trolley, motors etc...

>From a LEGAL standpoint, the province of British Columbia is proposing to
create a separate designation for "Structural Engineers" distinct from Civil
or other disciplines.  This would require passing a set of structural and
seismic exams (similar to the Western States) and an ongoing professional
development program. One of the things that would require an SE seal would
be the design of overhead cranes.  So...looks like requesting an SE seal is
reasonable and may soon be required anyway. 

Paul Meyer