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Re: Wall out of plane

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Dear Mark,

For the design of the wall I would use .3g as I would do for any wall.
If the roof, adds load to the wall, I would use .3g of the roof mass.
For the attachments to the wall between your diaphragms I would use
.48g @ UBC 96 amendments.

Consider that diaphragms often amplify out of plane forces to the
elements attched to it.  Then the numbers make sense.

Ken Tarlow

---"Mark D. Baker" <shake4bake(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I feel foolish posting a question regarding 94 UBC while the hot topic
> lately seems to be the 97 UBC, however....
> Regarding wall out of plane loads: I have a shed roof which frames
> a cmu wall at wall mid-height. I do not intend to make the wf columns
> supporting shed roof at outer edge stiff enough to brace the cmu wall
> for out of plane loads. Instead, the cmu wall will be loaded by the
> roof.
> Question: Who would apply .3W to both the wall and roof for out of
> loading as opposed to .3W for wall & .183W for roof and what is your
> justification for doing it either way.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark

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