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RE: Wood Truss sources

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I used to work for Fleetwood Homes Inc. out of Worthington Minnesota that did 
4x2's engineered through Hydro Air.  This was back around 1981.  They have 
supplied many trusses for Arbys nation wide.  I believe their name today is 
Fullerton Building Systems.  You may want to give them a call.  Another good 
source for companies is the magazine called, I believe, "Automated Building" 
or something like that.  The magazine deals primarily with wood building 
components and many companies advertise in it.
4x2's are great for long spans in the light commercial/residential market and 
allow duct work to be ran between the webs and the advantage of adding the 
finish ceiling to the bottom chord is great.  Make sure the manufacturer 
lines up all the webs.  The end condition can be top or bottom chord bearing 
with various ribbon options tying things together.

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Subject: Wood Truss sources

Hello Everyone

I need a wood truss supplier in the Western States area who can provide 4x2
truss configurations, i.e. wood trusses with the chords and webs utilized in
a "flat" 3.5" horizontal orientation.  Any assistance will be appreciated

Thank you

Paul Feather  P.E.
San Diego, California