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Professional announcements for SEAINT Online Needed

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I need to wrap up the second issue of SEAINT Online which will go to
publication in less than 10 days. I will be happy to post an announcement for
anyone on this list who represents a professional organization (does not have
to be a SEA organization) that has formed or will be forming a committee whose
work efforts will be shared over the Internet. This includes committees like
the one from ASCE which recently posted a request for volunteers for Wind and
Flood damage. 
My hope is to increase the number of professionals currently online and to
motivate those who would be willing to volunteer time without the commitment
of having to make physical meetings.
Please send all announcements to me at:


Please send all announcements which you would like published in the May or
August issues.

If your organization is holding an event in the next three to six months,
please submit a notice of the event to me at the above address and I will
include it in the appropriate issue. This is an ongoing offer so please plan
three to six months in advance and I will insure your announcement is

Thank You,
Dennis S. Wish PE
Editor - SEAINT Online