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Re: Crane Design; SE v. ME

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>My experience with MEs is that they do not have a good appreciation for
>the way that building codes work and how a structural engineer has to
>deal with the information that they provide. So, when you tell them that
>they have to meet the building code they will always disagree, but, if
>you rephrase it and explain the dynamic effects that you need to model,
>they may be more open to assisting.
Damn--another ditzy generalization. I've had a few head-up-their-kilt 
CE's tell me about designing gantry cranes to meet the building code 
seismic requirements. But instead of making silly generalizations about 
what they hadn't a good appreciation of, I did the damn work both the 
rock-stupid way they wanted and the right way and explained the 
difference. I wasn't any happier about it than I am with the 'always 
disagree' crack but I never got exercised enough to assume that all CE's 
were stubborn dullards because these particular people lacked my 
appreciation of response spectrum analysis.

And I daresay that if the building codes worked as well as the power 
test, elevator,  nuclear, pressure vessel, power transmission safety and 
piping codes, there'd be a lot less complaining about enforcement, 
interpretation and developers in tasseled Guccis telling them how to 
design buildings.


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