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Re: Crane Design; SE v. ME

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> >My experience with MEs is that they do not have a good appreciation for
> >the way that building codes work and how a structural engineer has to
> >deal with the information that they provide. So, when you tell them that
> >they have to meet the building code they will always disagree, but, if
> >you rephrase it and explain the dynamic effects that you need to model,
> >they may be more open to assisting.

> Damn--another ditzy generalization. I've had a few head-up-their-kilt

Slam accepted with grace. I should have said that they will typically
fall back on their personal/company policy, which is usually the low
cost response - which I would do, as well - and see if the problem goes
away - which I would do, as well. However, I stand by my statements: it
is a matter of understanding the mind set and merging the technical

I was in no way claiming incompetence by the members of any discipline,
and I hope that my comments were not so construed by anyone. However,
there are reasons why the work of one discipline is not easily accepted
by another and what may be perceived as guarding the gate is based in
lack of understanding of how they each work and what the technical
expectations/results mean in the lingo of the opposite.

> difference. I wasn't any happier about it than I am with the 'always 
> disagree' crack but I never got exercised enough to assume that all CE's
> were stubborn dullards because these particular people lacked my 
> appreciation of response spectrum analysis.

People complain when the wording in a statement is so weak as to be
vague and useless or so strong as to over-generalize. "Always", is one
of those terms like, "never", which should be avoided because somebody
will provide the contrary proof. I hope the CEs learned from your
efforts. It is obvious that you have learned from dealing with them.

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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