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RE: Engineer's Liability vis-a-vis Shop Drawing Review

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I was in Kansas City when the skywalks came down, and I followed the
developments closely.  I was indirectly involved in some of the aspects of
aftermath of the tragedy.  

As I recall, Judge Deutsch's ruling essentially said that the structural
engineer was responsible for all structural aspects of the finished
structure and could not absolve himself of portions.  The structural
engineer also could not assign portions of the responsibility to others.

The case can be reviewed in detail and is:
Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors vs.
Daniel M. Duncan, Jack D. Gillum and G.C.E. International, Inc., before the
Administrative Hearing Commission, State of Missouri, Case No. AR840239,
Statement of the Case, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decision
rendered by Judge James B. Deutsch, November 14, 1985. 

The document contains the findings and a discussion of responsibilities of
the professional engineer. 

The changes to the engineering registration laws throughout the US generally
followed the Missouri experience.

My Missouri registration fee also went up.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Engineer's Liability vis-a-vis Shop Drawing Review

I am researching what, if any, liability attends an engineer's NOT
reviewing shop drawings.  Or, put alternately, what is our LEGAL
responsibility to review shop drawings.

I've heard all the ethical arguments about how we need to check others'
interpretations of our design intent, and agree with them strongly.  BUT
ethics don't = $money$ and business types control our destiny, for the
most part.  

So what I need are hard, legal cases where engineers have had their
liability & responsibility defined regarding the link between design
drawings + specs and the reality of construction.  Can we contract away
our liability for shop drawing review?  Would the engineers in Kansas
City (Hyatt collapse) have been protected if they specifically &
conntractually avoided shop drawing review?

My specific interest is Oregon, California and Florida (where I'm
registered) but other federal and state laws may also enlighten.

Thanks for whatever help you may offer.