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States That Require S.E.'s

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Steve Powell wrote:

. > I need some help.
. > My local Structural Engineer's Association has given me the task of 
. > finding out which States offer a SE license and if limitations are then 
. > placed on what a PE can design.


Arizona has a Structural Branch of its P.E. License.  Other branches are 
Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, Metallurgical, Geological, and 
possibly others.  Each have separate examinations.  (The Structural Exam is 
16 hours beyond the EIT, all the rest are 8 hours.)

However, Arizona statutes permit, "Registrants ... may engage in practice in 
another category [category not defined and this is the only place the word is 
used in the registration statutes] regulated ... only to the extent that such 
person is qualified and as such work may be necessary and incidental to the 
work of his profession [P.E, Architect, Geologist, not Branch?] on a specific 

As you can see, our protectors and representatives made this as ambiguous as 
possible for the benefit of the people they serve.  However, the Arizona 
Board of Technical Registration (BTR) takes severe action against registrants 
practicing outside of their area of expertise.  See the Disciplinary Actions 
on the Arizona BTR web site,  There is also a complete 
set of the Arizona Statutes on Arizona Registration on this web site.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona