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RE: States That Require S.E.'s

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"Let me make it perfectly clear"

Oregon has had an SE registration, requiring passing a 16-hr exam, for over
20 years.  What's being proposed is to require that "significant structures"
be designed by registered SE's, rather than CE's with knowledge and training
in structural design (all others are honor-bound not to design in areas
outside their competence).

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	I'm a practicing structural engineer, licensed in Virginia,
Michigan, Ohio,
	Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.  So far as I know,
none of
	those states has a specific SE registration.  

	I was interested in Dick Horning's note that Oregon is considering
	registration.  I don't fully understand the reason for SE
registration.  I
	am prohibited by ethics and licensing law from performing
engineering for
	which I am unqualified.  For example, I don't do Civil,
	Geotechnical, etc.

	Frankly, and I realize I'm stepping on a lot of toes, I've often
	to the California Structural License as a "license to steal".  'Last
time I
	checked (many years ago), I couldn't even sit for the Ca structural
	because I hadn't served an apprenticeship under a Ca licensed SE.
	hasn't affected me personally, but it alway seemed "protectionist".

	And, now that I've exploded the dynamite beneath the outhouse, I
await your


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