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Re: Engineer's Liability vis-a-vis Shop Drawing Review

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Sorry to be late in responding but I've been busy.  I don't think we should be
trying to get out of our share of the responsibility for the final project
results.  Architects have given up "project management" to firms with a
construction background.  They are fast becoming just another supplier to the
project instead of the team leader.  When I started out architects did
whatever it is project managers are supposed to do now.  If we do the same we
do not have anyone to blame but ourselves for a diminished role in the
project.  If you cannot get enough fee for your work, get out of that area of
practice and find something else to do as an engineer that will support you (I
have).  Sure there is some sacrifice involved but I would rather do well as a
businessman (which all of us area).  If enough of us do so then supply and
demand will raise fees to an acceptable level.     

Thats my two cents worth.

David Mack