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Re: States That Require S.E.'s

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I am licences as a SE in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  In these states the SE
was a specialty licence requiring 2 years of additional experience past the PE
exam.  Some jurisdictions require a SE stamp on buildings or components (such
as Joists) within buildings.  At this time the states do not have rules
governing what must be stamped by a SE other than requiring a professional
engineer to practice in area of competence.

I am very interested in the outcome of the Oregon legislation.  I anticipate if
this bill passes in Oregon, SEAW may promote a similar bill in Washington.

When I took the Structural Engineers exam I took the Western States Exam, which
is the same exam as the California Engineers.  Last fall was the last time this
exam was offered in Washington.  At this time to obtain a structural licence in
Washington a 16 hour NCEE exam plus 4 hour seismic exam is required.

Jill T. Shuttleworth, P.E., S.E.,
Sunnyside, WA

"Horning, Dick/CVO" wrote:

> SEAO is promoting a bill which is now in the Oregon legislature to require
> SE registration for "significant structures" , defined as essential,
> hazardous, and special occupancy structures, or more than 4 stories or 45
> feet in height.  At present there is an SE registration, but state statutes
> allow any PE to design anything for which he deems himself competent.  Wish
> us luck!
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>         I need some help.
>         My local Structural Engineer's Association has given me the task of
> finding out which States offer a SE license and if limitations are then
> placed on what a PE can design.