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Re: crane/bld'g. loads

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보낸 사람: Mark D. Baker <shake4bake(--nospam--at)>
받는 사람: seaoc <seaint(--nospam--at)>
날짜: 1999년 3월 19일 금요일 오전 2:52
제목: crane/bld'g. loads

>I'm presently working on a 40' x 100' cmu building which has a 16T
>overhead bridge crane inside.
>Due to the excessive height of walls (33'-4" to top of pilaster) i have
>chosen to use the wf crane columns (20' spacing)  to brace the cmu walls
>for out of plane loads and construct walls of 8" cmu spanning
>horizontally between wf columns.
>Roof construction is panelized with 5 1/8"x27" glb spanning in 40'
>directions carried by wf columns. Due to the excessive skylight openings
>(basically an 8' strip in the 100' direction is gone at middle of roof)
>i am using a horizontal cross bracing system for diaphragm.
>Here is my dilema:
>Panel point loads of the x-bracing system can be either:
>1. - Based upon the building analysis, .183W - or -
>2. - Based on the elements analysis, .3W
>1. - The element (.3W) analysis will result in significantly higher
>panel point loads than the building (.183) analysis. Should the
>x-bracing system and end walls be designed for this higher load. In
>other words, should I carry the top of wf column reaction (which is the
>result of .3W wall and moving .6W crane) through the system. - or-
>2. Should I just connect the top of column to the x-bracing system for
>the element load and design the x-bracing system and end walls for the
>building load.
>3. Should the crane load sent into the diaphragm  be .6W or should .6W
>be used only for crane rail connections and some lesser value (.183W) be
>sent into diaphragm.