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Re: LADBS to CBC 97

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Mr.  Rodriguez,

Speaking with my colleagues at LA Dept of B & S, I was also told that LA City
will adopt a revised version of UBC97 by July.  As to no LABC, my current
understanding is that LA City will spear head what is to be a regional code,
particularly since many of the LA neighboring cities already refer to LABC for
their code requirements. The Current LA City Department Chief spoke about this
during the Wood Seminar in Long Beach.  How this is being carried out, I don't
know yet, but as I understand, the internal committees preparing the code
revisions are done with their work and moving toward publishing the results. 
Since the code will be adopted by July, I presume it will be available before

As to the COLA Report (LA City Research Reports), you bring up a good question.
 I will need to inquire about this myself.  I imagine that they will continue
to function as always and other cities using a regional code will just refer or
accept them as always. - particularly, since most cities are to small to staff
a full Research Group like that of LA City.

Sorry for no exact answers, only 2nd hand hear-say, but if I hear anything
specific, I'll mention it.

ed gonzalez
>>> <MRodrig273(--nospam--at)> 03/18/99 08:50PM >>>
I just received an email informing me that the LA Department of Building and
Safety will adopt the California Building Code in July of this year.  The
email also stated that there will no longer be a LA Building Code.

Can anyone tell me if this is true,  My understanding is that the LA Building
Code is a lot more strict than the CBC.  Also all the LA evaluations report
are for the LA Building Code, does this mean that we are not to use the LA
evaluation reports as well.

Mr. Marlou B. Rodriguez

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