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Re: pca-frame

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Dave Handy wrote:

. > After all the software is not performing as originally intended! 


If the disclaimer that came with the software is like disclaimers that I have 
read, the vendor **does not** even warrant that the program will run let 
alone run "as intended" or correctly!  You, and you alone are responsible for 
determining if the program "is suitable for its intended use."  The only 
warranty that I have seen is that the magnetic media on which the program is 
loaded is good for 60 days.

The problems that Rodrigo Lema and Dave Handy are experiencing is one of the 
reasons that I advocate that **all** structural software have the engineer 
responsible for writing the program place his/her seal on the user's manual.  
That way he/she is responsible for the accuracy of the program.  If the 
person responsible for writing the program is not a licensed structural 
engineer, then he/she has no business writing or selling the program and we 
should not buy it.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona