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Re: pca-frame

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>If the 
>person responsible for writing the program is not a licensed structural 
>engineer, then he/she has no business writing or selling the program and we 
>should not buy it.
If I had a dollar for every licensed engineer responsible for writing 
commercial FEA software I wouldn't have a 2 cents to rub together. 
Furthermore if I had a penny for every practicing engineer actively 
supporting FEA code, I wouldn'teven have the 2 cents. Many of the 
original developers of FEA software were talented practicing engineers 
but most are retired or not actively involved in development.

Engineering support for FEA is a great idea whose time will never come. 
'Course, the real greats, Timoshenko. Popov, Blodgett and Den Hartog to 
name a very few of many, didn't stamp their flyleaves either, and we use 
their books all the time. Frankly, it'd be serious progress if people 
would stop thinking of FEA software as a magic bullet to eliminate design 

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