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Re: pca-frame

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>*You* had 
>the choice after evaluating what was in their books.
Basically it's the same with software. You do a procedure and you 
cross-check it. (If you're smart) Same as with something you pick out of 
a book. How many times have you seen some sprog think he's got his 
solution because he's found an equation in Roark? At it's most abused 
worst, computer analysis is the new way to find equations in books. 
People read the hype and believe that non-linear analysis is child's 
play, that FEA gives exact answers. Plug in the numbers, turn the crank 
and presto! 5 significant figures with no work, no weighing assumptions 
and no critical thinking.

I'm not knocking the tool; I make a pretty good living using FEA and I do 
a fair number of problems I couldn't do otherwise. But it's used properly 
as a test for thinking, not a substitute. And you could say the same 
thing about Blodgett's book on welded structures or the Steel Code. 
Consequently I'd no more expect anyone to put a seal on a set of computer 
docs as a sort of engineering imprimatur, than I'd expect Roark to stamp 
'Formulas for Stress and Strain.' And it wouldn't make a particle of 
difference if they did. 

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