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RE: pca-frame

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I agree with you in 100%, Mr. Wright.

Vincenzo Valerio
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>>*You* had 
>>the choice after evaluating what was in their books.
>Basically it's the same with software. You do a procedure and you 
>cross-check it. (If you're smart) Same as with something you pick out of 
>a book. How many times have you seen some sprog think he's got his 
>solution because he's found an equation in Roark? At it's most abused 
>worst, computer analysis is the new way to find equations in books. 
>People read the hype and believe that non-linear analysis is child's 
>play, that FEA gives exact answers. Plug in the numbers, turn the crank 
>and presto! 5 significant figures with no work, no weighing assumptions 
>and no critical thinking.
>I'm not knocking the tool; I make a pretty good living using FEA and I do 
>a fair number of problems I couldn't do otherwise. But it's used properly 
>as a test for thinking, not a substitute. And you could say the same 
>thing about Blodgett's book on welded structures or the Steel Code. 
>Consequently I'd no more expect anyone to put a seal on a set of computer 
>docs as a sort of engineering imprimatur, than I'd expect Roark to stamp 
>'Formulas for Stress and Strain.' And it wouldn't make a particle of 
>difference if they did. 
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