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Re: States That Require S.E.'s

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>> What can you say for a state that treats professional engineers no
>> differenly from the way it treats professional manicurists?
Gasp!! Here we go again with these divisive, invidious comparisons.

Look at the many interests in common, especially between manicurists and
PE's who practice in wood framing design:

Our glue-laminated beams and I-joist webs have elements joined with finger
joints. Manicurists operate in finger joints.

We join lumber parts with face nails and toe nails. Manicurists deal with
finger nails and toe nails.

We work around pretty silly obstacles; they work around real cuticles.

Digital solutions are employed before finished results emerge. 

Results consider spectrum charts.

Many projects wind up in the red.

        Charles O. Greenlaw, SE   Sacramento CA
        "Weak arguments can always be shored up with malaprops"