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    I'd like to put some light on my original point since I think we've diverged a little.
    When I posted the message, I wanted everyone in the list to know what the bad things about pca-frame were and what a terrible post-sale service they offer.  That's all.
    IF anyone from PCA had read the message and followed the thread and then decided to fix the problems and, as Dave Handy pointed out, offered the corrected version free of charge to ALL registered owners, well..., that would have been just great.  But apparently they don't care that much.  (On another thread currently going on in this list,  it took 15 hours for the people of ENERCALC to react about a commentary on their products and find a solution).

    On the other hand, I have to say I fully agree with Mr. Wright.  I think it's pointless and a tad extreme to request all programmers to stamp their seal on the program manuals.
    But the point here is that the program had bugs, we found them (and not using an evaluation version) and we told people at PCA about.  Then they said sorry and thanks and that was it.  Nobody received a piece of warning (I mean, the users) and we're still waiting to hear from them.  That means we actually paid to evaluate the program.
    I think  -and hope you agree- that's not a professional and/or ethical way to act. 

Rodrigo Lema.