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RE: States That Require S.E.'s

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> Subject: Re: States That Require S.E.'s
> >> What can you say for a state that treats professional engineers no
> >> differenly from the way it treats professional manicurists?
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> Gasp!! Here we go again with these divisive, invidious comparisons.

No, here we go with personal experience.

I am or have been registered/licensed in a total of five states: Alabama,
Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

Each of the first four mentioned sent me a nice certificate, suitable for
framing. IN 1992, the State of Utah sent me a piece of cardboard (really a
postcard), from the "State Department of Commerce, Division of Occupational
& Professional Licensing")  It has my license number, date of issue and date
of expiration.

Also, a field called "Classification" with the term "Engineer" and one
called "Category" with the term "Professional Engineer."  All this was
computer-generated, and perforated on the sides, like they just rolled 'em
off a printer and sent 'em out.

I found out later that Cosmetologists, Hair Stylists, Beauticians, Plumbers,
Electricians, Security Guards and anyone who needs an "occupational license"
all get the SAME form, with the fields entered appropriately.  From afar,
they all look identical.

No seal of any "Board of Licensure," no signature by a Chairman or
Secretary, NOTHING.

Sorry, but it just struck me as kinda ODD, especially when I was told that
Medical Doctors and Lawyers are treated differently.