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Re: States That Require S.E.'s; Does Size Matter?

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In a message dated 3/20/99 12:24:40 Eastern Standard Time,
cgreenlaw(--nospam--at) writes:

> Gasp!! Here we go again with these divisive, invidious comparisons.
>  Look at the many interests in common, especially between manicurists and
>  PE's who practice in wood framing design:

My PE license renewal card  looks a whole lot like the renewal card my barber
posts in his shop.  In Virginia there is a separate licensing board for
barbers but they are under the same department as our board for Architects,
Engineers, Land Surveyors, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers.  

Getting back to "divisive, invidious comparisons":  The true measure of the
effectiveness of a state's (or Commonwealth's) licensing laws is of course the
size of the seal or rubber stamp required.  I have noted that VA and PA (Both
commonwealths) require larger stamps than certain other states.  I base this
on a comparison or the stamps I have in my drawers (that's desk drawers).  I
have a few states in the 1.5 inch to 1.625 inch diameter league.  PA requires
1-3/4 inches but Virginia outdistances the pack, with a full 2 inch diameter.
Is there a state requiring anything larger?

Jan Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA
(We're #1 ??)