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RE: States That Require S.E.'s; Does Size Matter?

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British Columbia gives you a choice of either a 27 mm ( 1-1/16) or 46 mm
(1-13/16)  diameter seal (both are valid).
You are free to speculate as to the motivations of those who choose the big

Paul Meyer

> Getting back to "divisive, invidious comparisons":  The true measure of
> the
> effectiveness of a state's (or Commonwealth's) licensing laws is of course
> the
> size of the seal or rubber stamp required.  I have noted that VA and PA
> (Both
> commonwealths) require larger stamps than certain other states.  I base
> this
> on a comparison or the stamps I have in my drawers (that's desk drawers).
> I
> have a few states in the 1.5 inch to 1.625 inch diameter league.  PA
> requires
> 1-3/4 inches but Virginia outdistances the pack, with a full 2 inch
> diameter.
> Is there a state requiring anything larger?
> Jan Harris, PE
> Liberty Engineering, PC
> Virginia Beach, VA
> (We're #1 ??)