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Re: pca-frame

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Roger Turk wrote:

> Christopher Wright wrote:
> . > 'Course, the real greats, Timoshenko. Popov, Blodgett and Den
> Hartog to
> . > name a very few of many, didn't stamp their flyleaves either, and
> we use
> . > their books all the time.
> True, but their books did not *do* the design and analysis *for you.*
> Their
> books explained how to do the design and analysis and, if you agreed
> with
> them, *you* did the design and analysis using their procedures.  *You*
> had
> the choice after evaluating what was in their books.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona

True their books may not do the design and analysis for us but short of
checking every equation we usually take them on faith.  I have found
errors in textbooks the answers failed the reality check.   I think what
Chris Wright is saying is the PE is ultimately responsible for his
designs not the suppilier of the tools used in the design.

BTW not to bring another issue back to life but I know that Risa has a
least one good engineer doing support & writing code.  Just like in a
design office not all work is done by PE's but it damn well better be
supervised, checked & reviewed by one!

 Robert Kazanjy, PE  **Disclaimer: I speak for myself not UC-Irvine**
 Senior Development Engineer
 Civil & Environmental Engineering
 UC Irvine
 E4130 EG,  Zot: 2175