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RE: pca-frame

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Could you share that information with us?

Peter  De Vere
Houston, Texas

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> > True their books may not do the design and analysis for us but short of
> >  checking every equation we usually take them on faith.  I have found
> >  errors in textbooks the answers failed the reality check.   I think
> what
> >  Chris Wright is saying is the PE is ultimately responsible for his
> >  designs not the supplier of the tools used in the design.
> I had a professor that insisted I review part of Bleich's "Buckling
> Strength
> of Metal Structures" as part a project for a Stability course.  Turns out
> he
> was pointing me to a part of the text that he knew was wrong, a typo that
> only
> a rigorous check would catch.  The idea being that you couldn't take
> anything,
> even a famous text, as gospel but had to check it all, understand it all.
> Jan Harris, PE 
> Liberty Engineering, PC
> Virginia Beach, VA