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RE: Advice on seeking Canadian PE Registration

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No  problem at all for non-Canadians to be registered.  It might be easier
to work with a local firm, but it is not required. 
If your state has ratified NAFTA (e.g. Texas, other Canadian provinces or
all 20 Mexican states) then the Ontario License is VERY easy to get.  If
your state hasn't ratified NAFTA, then the rules are similar to an Ontarian
trying to register in your state...

Provincial governments in Canada do not register engineers, it is done by
the engineering profession itself.  For Ontario
for BC:

Paul Meyer

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> >I am looking to get registered in Canada to do structural engineering in
> the
> >Ontario area.
> My understanding is that non-Canadians may only be registered on a 
> project-to-project basis, and usually only in association with a Canadian 
> firm. This came up with a client of mine, and I recollect that Ontario 
> has the major requrements on the provincial government web page. 
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