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Re: Residential Flexible/Rigid Diaphragm Analysis

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Bruce Resnick SE wrote:
"Dennis -

I'm with you on both these issues.  What is the appropriate forum and/or
contact person with whom to address this issue?

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng."

Address it right here and I will add the comments (with only the writers
initials at the end of the post) to the article I am writing for this issue of
SEAINT Online. I need to do this pretty quick as the deadline for the article
is in two days. I can add a followup in the next issue, but I think it is
important to have the comments listed in this issue. I am also drawing from
the SEAINT List Archives to list both pro and con comments about the new
codes. I need to be fair and if there is a valid argument in favor of the new
code requirements then it should be included in the article. 
I am, admittedly, against the code provisions but there needs to be some
intelligent discussion to justify it or to promote SEAOSC and SEAOC to take a
position to "stay the execution" of this code.
So, please let's hear from you as quickly as possible (and any others who wish
to be heard). 

Finally, I urge any of you with opinions on either Rigid Diaphragm analysis
for single family residential construction OR the required lower Rw values to
be used on the entire structure when an embedded column is used to resist
shear at a portion of the structure.

You can also send comments to me directly at SEAINTonln(--nospam--at) and if you
prefer, I will not use either your initials or name - you will simply be
listed as anonymous.

Dennis S. Wish PE
Editor SEAINT Online