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RE: Advice on seeking Canadian PE Registration

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OK, technically FULL membership does require Canadian citizenship or
permanent residency.  However, "temporary" or "limited" licenses (which can
be renewed repeatedly) are available to non-residents.  This is a way of
complying with NAFTA until the Engineers' Act can be amended.  Even though
Engineers in Canada are self-regulating, there is Provincial Legislation
that enables them to do that regulation...hence the requirement for a change
to the Act. Oddly enough, the Government of Ontario isn't making minor
changes to the Engineers' Act a high priority...go figure... 

The British Commonwealth connection is long since gone in Canada. Brits,
Australians, et al are treated just the same as everyone else who speak
English with a funny accent (this includes you Americans BTW...)  About the
only "special" thing we provide for other Commonwealth countries is that we
call their foreign offices "High Commissions" rather than "Embassies."  

Paul Meyer
> About ten years ago I tried to get registered in Ontario.  At that time
> only Canadian citizens and British Commmonwealth subjects were allowed to
> apply.  The free trade agreement was supposed to change this.  Given the
> current rate of exchange on Canadian dollars, you will be working for very
> little fee.
> John Schenne, PE
> Schenne & Associates