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A few years ago I tried out the UBC on CD-ROM.  It was the first 
one they issued, and it was disappointing.  It consisted of the 
scanned-in text of the UBC.  There were no hyperlinks or other 
navigational aids.  All you could do was search for a word.  Since 
the text was scanned and then OCR'd, you couldn't even count on it 
being correct.  Rather, you had to verify it with your printed copy, or
using the non-searchable pre-OCR version that was also included 
on the CD.

Now I see that ICBO has issued the 1967-1991 codes on one CD 
($200 for members).  This seems like it could be a valuable 
reference if it is well done.  Has anyone had a chance to try it?  Is it
any better than the early attempts?  

How about the 97 UBC on CD-ROM?  I hope that at the very least, 
when the text contains a reference to another section in the UBC, 
you can click on it and go there.

Mark W. Nienberg, S.E.
Steven Tipping + associates
Berkeley, CA