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Re: Advice on seeking Canadian PE Registration

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> > >I am looking to get registered in Canada to do structural engineering
> > >in the Ontario area.

> > My understanding is that non-Canadians may only be registered on a 
> > project-to-project basis, and usually only in association with a Canadian
> > firm. This came up with a client of mine, and I recollect that Ontario
> > has the major requrements on the provincial government web page. 

> Incorrect.
> No  problem at all for non-Canadians to be registered.  It might be easier
> to work with a local firm, but it is not required. 
> If your state has ratified NAFTA (e.g. Texas, other Canadian provinces or
> all 20 Mexican states) then the Ontario License is VERY easy to get.  If
> your state hasn't ratified NAFTA, then the rules are similar to an Ontarian
> trying to register in your state...
> Provincial governments in Canada do not register engineers, it is done by
> the engineering profession itself.  For Ontario
> for BC:

Actually, both are correct, with qualifications.

You can obtain a temporary license to practice that is valid for a
specific job. These are common for engineers/companies practicing across
provincial borders. I'm not sure what the extra-national requirements
are to obtain such a temporary license.

An individual does not have to qualify under a NAFTA reciprocity
agreement to obtain a "permanent" license to practice, but it may be
easier, where those opportunities exist.

The NAFTA approach allows an individual to obtain a permanent license in
consideration of annual fees and based on existing licensure in a US
state. The rules are in transition w.r.t. "transferrable" US licenses
because no consensus has been reached with all US state licensing
authorities as to equivalency of education, experience, ethics, form of
implementation and reciprocity. Exams and/or Canadian experience may be
required (Catch-22).

Be advised, at this time, Canada based engineers make 2/3 (or less) of
the gross US$ equivalent income of US based engineers. You probably will
not have a very useful license, from a value perspective, unless it
provides a service advantage to a multi-location customer or you
actually move to Canada.

Any person or firm selling engineering services to the public, in
Ontario, must also have a Certificate of Authorization supported by an
engineer licensed in Ontario. Again, this will depend on your target

Depending on your short/long term objectives, it may be practical, for a
US based engineering firm, to consider a cross-border partnership.

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)
A non-government, professional regulatory/licensing organization created
by an Act of Provincial Parliament
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Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
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Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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