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Re: pca-frame

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In a message dated 3/22/99 13:58:44 Eastern Standard Time,
peter.p.devere1(--nospam--at) writes:

> Jan:
>  Could you share that information with us?
>  Peter  De Vere
>  JSC 
>  Houston, Texas

For Peter and others who are wondering what could possibly have slipped by the
author, the checkers, the editor, the publisher, the critics, etc., in
Bleich's classic text "Buckling Strength of Metal Structures," I can report
that I just finished a phone call with Dr. Razzaq who pulled his copy off the
shelf and said, "Oh, yes."  He is in agreement that engineers can't use any
references (or software) blindly but must use some judgment in their
application.  And yes, he does assign things like this just to demonstrate the
point.  Anyway for those in need of some specifics:  

a) In Article 36 the derivation lacks some important torsional terms.
b) Page 101 Eqn 1-76 one of the negative terms on the LHS should be positive.
c) Page 97 Eq's 1-60:  last term in the second equation uses an Sx' that
should be Sz' (or vice versa, my phone conversation notes aren't clear.
Please be sure to check these things yourself, rather than relying on
something you "heard on the net").

He could have gone on.  It's virtually a hobby of his to find such typos and
errors.  He told us a story that when he was a graduate student, his advisor
(Dr. Galambos) used to give him a nickel for every error he found in
"Structural Members and Frames."  Presumably, a nickel was worth more than
1/11 of a Snickers bar back then.

Jan Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA