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Re: Concession Stand Live Load

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The upstairs is going to be one large open room (32'-0" x 25'-4" inside dimensions).  There are about 20 people on the board, but only an average of 15 make it to the meetings.  However, the possiblity exists for a large number of people to get in there.

What about a posted live load of 60 psf and number of occupants?


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    Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 9:56 AM
    Subject: RE: Concession Stand Live Load
    office conference rooms fit the "movable seat" criteria, but we don't use 100psf on them.  is there a cutoff on what is deemed "assembly" in terms of number of persons ?

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        I've been volunteered to do the new concession stand for our soccer 
        organization.  I don't normally work with residential or light commercial 

        We are planning a 2-story building with concessions, restrooms, storage, 
        etc. downstairs.  The upper story would be used for board meetings, referee 
        meetings, etc.  What live load is applicable for such a use?  100 psf seems 
        excessive, but that's what ASCE 7-95 has for Assembly areas with moveable 
        seats?  Does another classification apply? 

        David Finley