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Re: Concession Stand Live Load

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How many multi-story office buildings designed for 50+20 have conference rooms in the final layouts?  A lot, I think. So, by that logic, if you call office space, it'll work.  Also, some codes allow 80psf for light assembly and corridors above the ground floor.  One thing to keep in mind though is that, over time, every thing seems turns into storage space at one point or another.

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    Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 9:12 AM
    Subject: Re: Concession Stand Live Load
    The upstairs is going to be one large open room (32'-0" x 25'-4" inside dimensions).  There are about 20 people on the board, but only an average of 15 make it to the meetings.  However, the possiblity exists for a large number of people to get in there.
    What about a posted live load of 60 psf and number of occupants?
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        Subject: RE: Concession Stand Live Load
        office conference rooms fit the "movable seat" criteria, but we don't use 100psf on them.  is there a cutoff on what is deemed "assembly" in terms of number of persons ?

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            Subject:        Concession Stand Live Load 

            I've been volunteered to do the new concession stand for our soccer 
            organization.  I don't normally work with residential or light commercial 

            We are planning a 2-story building with concessions, restrooms, storage, 
            etc. downstairs.  The upper story would be used for board meetings, referee 
            meetings, etc.  What live load is applicable for such a use?  100 psf seems 
            excessive, but that's what ASCE 7-95 has for Assembly areas with moveable 
            seats?  Does another classification apply? 

            David Finley