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RE: Concession Stand Live Load

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Wisconsin does not require an elevator if the upper level is no more than
500 square feet and no more than 5 people are allowed onto the upper level.
This is a recent code provision written primarily to cover press boxes at
high school athletic facilities.  From what I remember, the state came up
with this after negotiating with the Dept. of Justice.  I think that the
Feds. are planning a similar exemption.

Roger Davis
SDS Architects, Inc
205 N. Dewey Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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I've warned them about this.  It will be county owned.

If the top is used only for allowing the field marshall to be able to see
all of the fields, referee meetings, etc. and we hold the board meetings
elsewhere, do you think we will still be required to provide an elevator?


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>More importantly - watch out for ADA.  If it will be owned by a government
>body such as a school district or if it is on government property even
>though owned by a non-profit organization it is a Title II building and
>require an elevator.
>Roger Davis
>SDS Architects, Inc.
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>Subject: Concession Stand Live Load
>I've been volunteered to do the new concession stand for our soccer
>organization.  I don't normally work with residential or light commercial
>We are planning a 2-story building with concessions, restrooms, storage,
>etc. downstairs.  The upper story would be used for board meetings, referee
>meetings, etc.  What live load is applicable for such a use?  100 psf seems
>excessive, but that's what ASCE 7-95 has for Assembly areas with moveable
>seats?  Does another classification apply?
>David Finley