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RE: FYI - ACI 350 Code and Commentary status

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The only problem I see is that by the time ACI 350.3 gets out, no one will
be using the Z factors contained in the 94 UBC.  I know that Nick Legatos is
working on a bridge to the seismic spectral ordinates as contained in the
2000 IBC and the 1997 NEHRP.  The bridge will be contained (if approved) in
the 2000 NEHRP.  The seismic code developments are happening at light speed,
and the ACI 350 is moving at tectonic speed.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: FYI - ACI 350 Code and Commentary status

Last week I attended the ACI convention, including the ACI 350 Committee 
meeting and the seismic subcommittee meeting.  Committee 350 has approved
code and commentary draft document but it still has about 2-years of
reviews before being finalized and published.  It will be reviewed by ACI's 
"TAC" committee this summer (which reviews all ACI documents for
and after their comments are resolved it will be published for general ACI 
membership comments (90-day review period).   
The seismic requirements for liquid-containing structures will be published
a separate document, ACI 350.3.  This document is also ready for final TAC 
review - it is hoped that this document may be able to be published a little

sooner than the full ACI 350 Code and Commentary, since it is a shorter 
document.  When published, ACI 350.3 will correspond with ACI 318-95 and 
UBC-94 seismic requirements.  The seismic subcommittee is already starting
update the seismic requirements to correspond to later codes and hopes to 
reissue 350.3 within 2 to 3 years after initial issue, to bring it more up
date.  (Note: This document must necessarily lag the other codes since the 
basic code requirements must be established before the necessary
for liquid-containing structures are finalized.)