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Re: Concession Stand Live Load

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My take on this would be that the answer on the live load lies in the dreaded
architectural portions of the code.  If it's a Group A (assembly) then you're
stuck with 100 psf, but if it falls under group B (general purpose, for lack of
a better term) then 50 psf or 50+20 for office space ought to be acceptable.
If you go for the lower load, I'd suggest posting a maximum number of
occupants.  The other thing about Type A occupancies is that they can severely
restrict the materials and types of construction you are allowed to use.
Unfortunately, I'm out in UBC land and don't have a copy of Vol. I handy so
that's about all I can tell you.  Your best bet is probably to find a friendly
Architect or plan checker to point you in the right direction.

Chris Willcox, PE
Burbank, CA

PEC - Lake City wrote:

> I've been volunteered to do the new concession stand for our soccer
> organization.  I don't normally work with residential or light commercial
> construction.
> We are planning a 2-story building with concessions, restrooms, storage,
> etc. downstairs.  The upper story would be used for board meetings, referee
> meetings, etc.  What live load is applicable for such a use?  100 psf seems
> excessive, but that's what ASCE 7-95 has for Assembly areas with moveable
> seats?  Does another classification apply?
> David Finley