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Lamellar Tearing

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>Do you concern about Lamellar Tearing in your Structural Projects?

>In a frame connection between a girder and the column do you concern about

>Does AISC recommend something about it?
Refer to the recommendations by SAC.  A good starting point is their web
site at -

>Do you know any rule of the thumb about Lamellar Tearing?
>(In plates less than 19 mm it doesn't occur?)
>(What kinds of ASTM steel it doesn't occurs)
>(Does it occur in rolled shapes?)
Keep the stresses low.
Specify low sulfer steel.
Specify steel with good ductility and toughness.
Use welding electrodes that have good toughness properties.
Follow low hydrogen welding procedures.
Welding procedures should minimize restraint and weld shrinkage.
Use non destructive testing procedures to find defects in the base material
in the region of the weld prior to welding.
Make sure the welders follow the welding procedures!!!!

>What kind of test I can do to know if a plate is resistent to Lamellar
See comments above.

Mark Gilligan