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Re: recycled plastic lumber

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This is purely anecdotal.  I have used a PRL product called Trex (Trec?)
as sill material in some shearwall testing.  It has much better "cross
grain commpression" performance than Doug Fir or Treated Hem/Fir.  It is
much denser than D/F; I'd guess about 2x.


cmd(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I've been asked to considering the use of a recycled plastic lumber
> (RPL) product for an upcoming public project.  The project will entail
> the use of RPL, of the appropriate thickness, as a wave reflecting
> surface on a floating structure
> (fresh water).  The forces will peak on the order of some hundreds of
> PSF (I
> haven't figured the wave loads as yet) on spans on the order of, say,
> 4 or 5
> feet.
> I've not used RPL in this manner.  I've not used it at all actually.
> My question to all is: does anyone have any thoughts or experience
> with RPL (other than how expensive it seems to be)? I'm thinking of
> appropriate load factors, durability, bolting performance,
> specification pointers, consistency of manufacture, etc.  From what
> I've seen so far you have to develop your own design rules.
> Thanks for the help
> Michael Donoghue, PE